How businesses use social media for marketing?

Social media is one of the fastest growing industry in the world, the biggest social media site Facebook was founded in 2004 and in 2012 facebook reached to it’s 1 billion active users.

Social media is no longer a social platform anymore but it is fastly converting into a business promoting platform.

Mostly all small or big businesses are using social media for their brand promotion today because of its huge market and cheap marketing price.

In the image below you can see the top 6 social media sites with monthly active users.

monthly active users of social media

These are the only 6 social media site & there are a lot more on the internet such as Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr etc. Now you can imagine how big is social media & how much quality traffic it can generate to your website. 

Why you should promote your business in social media?

There is no reason not to promote your business in social media, if you have a business you should be on social media to increase your brand awareness.

 below are some points why you should promote your business in social media 

  • Currently, social media have billions of active users per month, which means you can promote your brand to millions or billions of users.
  • You can target your brand up to the people you want to target, not like old banner marketing where you had to show your advertisement to the whole city or area.
  •  Big marketing in very small or no price, this is one of the best place where you can promote your business with almost no money, all you need a smartphone with the internet connection and you are ready to go.
  • Social media plays a very important role in increasing your domain authority and a good domain authority can increase your chances of ranking in google.  

Which social media is best for your business?

Let’s change the question a little bit, the question should be in which social media you need to work more?
Because every social media can fill your marketing desire if you are promoting your brand in the right way. & of-course why not to promote your brand in every social media when it is free of cost.
But there is always one particular social media you need to work more according to your marketing desire.
Below are the top 4 social media marketing platform which suites best for your business.


facebook icon
With 2.2 billion monthly active users Facebook is the most popular social networking site and every month this number is increasing.

People are now addicted to this like, comment, post and share feature & here the marketers are taking all the necessary advantages of this feature.

Marketers are spending millions or billions of dollar in Facebook marketing to make their brand popular among their targeted audience and generating huge revenue from Facebook.

So the question is here, how they are doing that?

well, the answer is simple they are not doing that, you are doing that for them. feeling strange right. let me tell you how… 

Companies are creating a good piece of content in the form of videos or images and spending some of their money on boosting that content so that they can cover their targeted audience.

Now when you see that post you like it, you follow their brand page and you share that content & when you share that content it is visible to all of your Facebook friends hence they do the same thing like, follow & share.

this complete process automatically increases their impression & engagement on Facebook. 

The first image has only one share in its content that’s why it gets fewer people to reach and Engagements.

But the second image has 3 post share that’s why it gets more people to reach and more engagements.

So what you can do to grow your Facebook page when your page is completely new?  
Is it really hard job to grow your Facebook page from scratch? well not that much hard as you think. 

So the cheapest and the best thing you can do is to follow the group related to your niche and promote your product there, as more people see your product they will automatically like your Facebook page and start following your brand.

tell your friends and relatives to follow your page.

Go to other Facebook pages related to your niche and do some research there to find which post is doing extremely well. create the same content for your page and then post it in your page.

If you can spend some money then you can boost your post among your targeted audience. 

follow these steps and you will see amazing growth of your Facebook page.


Instagram is the third most popular social media platform with 800 million active users per month.

Instagram is also one the most preferred platform for promoting your brand online.

If your targeted audience is between the age group of 18-34 then this platform is best for you and your product.

According to a research, 61% of the Instagram users are between the age group of 18-34. 

Instagram users age stats

Instagram also has a large no. of influencers with huge no. of followers. brands use these influencers to promote their products on Instagram.

  How you can grow your Instagram account for your business?

  • Switch your personal account to a business account.               

This business account comes up with a lot of useful features like you can directly promote your business in Instagram without Facebook advertisement tool.
 if you want to see the engagement and impression on your post then this business account helps you in that case too.

your followers can directly interact with you from your Instagram page. 

  • Use proper hashtags.

Hashtags are really important to increase your post reach so it’s really important to come up with proper hashtags.

If your post is regarding fitness and you are using #nature then this doesn’t make sense. 

the best way to choose the right hashtag:- go to your Instagram account and search hashtag related to your niche & Instagram will automatically come up with a lot of different hashtags related to your hashtags. as you can see in the picture below.

  • Like the photo in your niche.

This is also one the best strategy to gain followers.

Just visit other people profile related to your niche, go to their follower’s list and start liking and commenting on their follower’s post.

As you will do this more person will start noticing you and visit your profile.
After visiting your profile if they love your stuffs they will definitely follow you. 

  • Respond to comments.

The more you respond to the comments on your post the more engagement you will get, this is how social media’s algorithms are designed. 

All the big influencers are doing the same thing they always get socially interact with their audience, that’s how they build the trust of their audience. 

  • Get followers from other social networks 

If you have a huge number of followers in other social media platforms then you can attract huge numbers of followers from there.

Give the link of your Instagram in the bio of other social media platforms and attract the followers from there too.

Keep posting content like ” check out my Instagram post and then your Instagram link”

Follow these simple tricks and you will see a constant growth in your Instagram page.


A strategy which I personally feel work best in tweeter is Like and comment other people tweets.. the more you interact with other people the more they will interact with you.

This might sound silly but tweet at-least 10 times in a day, the more you will tweet the more engagement you will get.
tweeting 10 times in a day get 5 times more engagement rate than once in a day. 

As you can see in the image here 4 tweets in a day got more organic impressions than the other one.

Don’t write long tweets write relevant and short with proper hashtags.


Only a single photo doesn’t help you to attract your customers emotionally that’s why marketers use video to express the emotion behind their product.

I am pretty sure that you might see a lot of ads on the internet where you get emotionally attached to brands advertisements.

Have you ever noticed the kid’s product ads? why those ads are mostly in the animation theme?
The answer is simple kids love cartoons and marketers are taking advantage of this thing.

Marketers are playing with kids subconscious mind they are forcing kids to convince their parents to buy that product for them and that’s the power of video marketing.

So how you can attract consumers through YouTube marketing? 

  • If you don’t have a YouTube channel and you want to promote your brand then it’s time to be on YouTube because video marketing gonna steal the market very soon.
  • Most of the brands are nowadays using famous Youtubers to promote their brand among their targeted audience.
  • Share your youtube video on all social media platforms and if people will love your product video they will definitely share it too.
  • First always read your audience subconscious mind and then make a good video content to attached them emotionally with your brand.

Things you should never do during social media marketing.

  • Never waste money on buying audience for your brand because they never gonna give you business. Work more on your targeted audience because they are the only one who will give you recurring business. 
  • Never lose your consistency. if you are posting one content in a day then be consistent and keep posing.
  • Always do market research before choosing a right type of social media.

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